Check your link exchanges with Backlink Monitoring

As a webmaster and SEO especially, to promote our sites, we often link exchanges.

These exchanges may be direct, crossed or adopt more advanced patterns.

The problem when you start to manage several sites is that we do not necessarily remember what partnerships have been made, and under what conditions.

It becomes difficult to take stock, and if that is still possible, it is complicated to check everything by hand. It is a long task, really tedious.

How to check your link exchanges?

Completely automatically, there is a PHP script to install on your web server, which allows you to manage all your partnerships.

With this script, you monitor whether your link exchanges are still in place.

For example, if a close site partner, and that the webmaster does not alert you when the script tells you that your connection is not present on the page.

It can automatically (depending on the settings you have chosen) send a message to the webmaster.

Another advantage of this script is the ability to run periodically using a chron job. This allows you to receive an email with the verification report generated by the application. Thus, every day, every week … you will constantly be informed (e) of the viability of your partnership, effortlessly.

The software makes it possible to check your link exchanges automatically and manage, for each partnership, how you want to interact with the webmaster.


  • Verifies that the site is accessible and is not “nofollow."
  • Verifies that the link is on the page and is not “nofollow."
  • Send an email to the webmaster if the link partner is not found (depending on your settings)
  • Backup your reports in the management interface

With backlink monitoring, you can manage all your link exchanges in no time.

Install it on your server and verify all exchanges made from all your sites!

A must-have for any SEO consultant!

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Quick DNS Check

Last week I had to install a WordPress network (50 IP + 50 NDD) with domain mapping, and I was faced with a vicious problem.

Indeed, the domain names all had a completely different DNS configuration, .fr, old domain, parked domain, domain pointing to another hosting, their only common point was to be all registered to OVH.

There I said cool, I will be able to do all of a sudden, but at OVH we do not practice Bulk Action 🙁

So I started to check the DNS configurations of the domain names one by one (twitting at the same time because eh!) And I realized that a few had the right configuration.

To save time, I, therefore, looked in the doc PHP a magic trick and I found “dns_get_record." I said to myself without it will spare me at ease 150 clicks, too bad if I spend, I"m sure I"ll get back to you, and I"ll know where to go.

So here"s a bit of code that will allow you to quickly check the HTTP status and DNS (actually the A field and NS fields only) of a domain list.

If you do not have a WPMU to install with domain mapping, you can always use this tool to check if your sites are accessible and disconnected 😉

I pass my hand to Bertimus, thank you for this tribute!

Beunwa, breeder of bots

PS: I thought about feigning, you can put deep pages with or without HTTP in the interface work anyway.
PS2: If you do not have php5 or phpcurl it will work much less well (in fact it will not work at all)
PS3: Bertimus provides support: D

<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC “-//W2C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" “">
<html xmlns="" dir="ltr" lang="fr-fr">
<head profile="″>

<title>Quick Dns Check</title>
function getUrl($url)\"] content=[‘
$tab = preg_split(‘#(\n)#",$_POST[‘txt"]);
foreach($tab as $u)
$u = trim($u);
if(substr($u, 0, 4) != ‘http") $u = ‘http://".$u;
$u = parse_url($u);
$url = $u[scheme]."://".$u[host];
$proc = getUrl($url);
$status = $proc[1][‘http_code"];
echo ‘<br /><br />".$u[host];
$dnscheck = dns_get_record($u[host], DNS_A + DNS_NS);
if(count($dnscheck) == 0)
echo ‘<br />Allo Houston on a un gros problème. AUCUN enregistrement DNS<br />";
echo ‘Si c\"est un domaine en .fr il faut regarder du coté de l\"AFNIC, dans tous les cas du coté de votre registrar<br /><br />";

if($status != 200)
echo ‘ : code http : ‘.$status." ‘.$proc[3].'<br />";
if(count($dnscheck) > 0) echo ‘<br />Si l\"ip A vous semble valide alors il va vous falloir chercher du coté de la configuration de votre serveur WEB<br /><br />";

foreach($dnscheck as $d)
$type = $d[type];
echo ‘<br /><b>".$type.'</b> ‘;
if($type != ‘A") echo $d[target];
else echo $d[ip];

<h1>Quick Dns Check</h1>
<p>Collez votre liste d"url dans le champ texte ci-dessous et cliquez sur Go (homepages ou page profonde avec ou sans http)</p>
<form action="" method="post">
<textarea name="txt" style="width:300px;height:300px;"><?php echo $rt; ?></textarea>
<input type="submit" value="Go" />

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SEO For Better Ranking, What Is The Right Idea?

This is an exciting subject that I do not yet master, and which, also, is very current in this contest. The idea of this article is to launch a debate around this SEO strategy:  de-optimize to better rank, is it a good idea?

We all learned, when we were babies, it was necessary to vary the anchors of bonds. The primary goal here is to avoid the “sandbox" box, after betting on a single query.

Recently, at the BarCamp BH in Toulouse, a friendly employee of Text Link Ads gave us a reminder to go further, since he told us basically that the advantage of multiplying his anchors is not so much To avoid the sandbox, but above all to rank better than its competitors.

Evidence to support (concrete cases and graphics from Majestic SEO ), he showed us that the first on some queries are those that have the greatest diversity of link anchors, not those who bet almost everything on this query and its declensions. To make it more natural and have better rank, it is recommended to have a good proportion of anchors composed only of the URLs of the linked pages. The ideal proportion is to be determined after a good analysis of the distribution of the anchors of our leading competitors, which is easy when we have the right tools. In parallel, it also showed us that it is very important to follow a regularity in the creation of our BLs.

The ideal proportion is to be determined after a good analysis of the distribution of the anchors of our leading competitors, which is easy when we have the right tools. In parallel, it also showed us that it is very important to follow a regularity in the creation of our BL"s.

Today, as I said in intro, we also see that the top ranked in this contest are not necessarily those who SEO limit most their sites . Look for example, not a single “Pandaranol" in its title nor-even in H1 . No H1 Pandaranol for or either. It"s surprising that they rank so well with so little ONsite optimization, right? On the BLs side, I did not take the time to analyze the distribution of their anchors, but I also assume that they have taken care to vary the latter (tell us the guys?).

I stop here this article and invites you now to let me know your feelings or experience on this strategy of de-optimization in order to better rank .

Edit : Be aware of the importance of the context , because this strategy will not pay every time. (To put back a layer: this post opens the debate, it is a question and not an affirmation ;-))

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White Hats, Self-Righteous People Who Are In An Honest Fire

Like many of you, I read this morning a “rant" ticket of Mr. Roch called Black Hat, Rockstars, Spam and Charlatans are in a boat … (hence the title of my article) . If you have not yet traveled, go for it guys!

On first reading, this article is an excellent source of reflection for me, and I even have the feeling to share the view of Daniel.

At the second reading, a few of my hairs stand on end.

Third reading, I want to bounce back, and that"s the challenge of this article written spontaneously. Because if I had too much thought, it would not be possible … before October 2013.

Note first That I have absolutely no grudge against the author. I even like His work SEOMix gold on Twitter ( well, it"s probably not reciprocal Because He does not follow me ^^). Nevertheless, there is a lot of points where I agree with him at all, but then at all, I describe them to you below.

Chapters 1 and 2: “I am an expert in …"

Here, I feel quite concerned, so bang on target because I think for a long time I’ve been selling an (expensive) e-book explaining how I make my living on the canvas.

So, my reaction to the first part: What is up with you Daniel? When you"re faced with a prospect, you do not sell your benefits only by saying “Hello, I"m charging €500 per month," but by highlighting the benefits, Is not it? Among others, I guess you"ll also detail each of the actions you will bring to justify your price.

Thus I see no difference, no difference, between what you denounce and what you post here :

“Web marketing, social networks, and Web analytics: 3 tools to dominate your market!”

Then the conclusion of the argument that you have created is as follows:

Well, like what, it is not difficult to say anything on a blog, to claim an expert in And frankly, it gave me…

Um, have you ever imagined that you could only experience really good living if you are not forcing anything? Can I even confess that I am in this situation and then hope you do not get the label of legendary rip-off? Well, when in doubt, I figured still stuck on the forehead a post-it with writing space invader “charlatan" above.

Edit: Anyway, I finally want to say on this point that my future speech (if I had to lay it damn pdf) has many similarities with that of the perfect charlatan A fun challenge nan?

You have questions otherwise bah ah I have answers. These are certainly not representative, but it seems you to expand your field of vision.


If it works, then it"s a good idea. Should they not already be spending thousands of euros in their bank account?

First thing: Fortunately, there"s not that the tune in life, at least not for everyone. About me, I have enough money to (good) living, and at the risk of shocking you, yes, I do not feel the need to earn more. Moreover, since I am “free of this constraint," I logically address many other issues (details to follow).


In fact, why not keep these tips and tricks for himself? In the sharing, they make sure that the method will be effective in the future, that will be burnt, etc … There, the guys shoot themselves in the foot as great.

Personal fulfillment, it speaks to you? Assist and so useful, that"s what gives me great desire to pass on my knowledge. Earn my life with my sites without jerking nothing blooming, booster Papilou for it to launch its activity web writing, ah, that I"m proud!

And no, I will not fuck up my business by revealing my working method, because there is room for a lot of people. Well yes, I have no desire to handle all requests. In France, only CommentCaMarche and Wikio arrives there … or not, of course.

The contextual link dedicated to the Maslow pyramid is present.

E-reputation: My profession?

With such lies, some are doing business on the web.

So, I"m not sure what my fiction is about? Are you sure you want to become a “quacks"? Nah, seriously? If so, you"re missed. If not, explain to me (well me too whether, Actually).

Chapter 3: The stars of SEO

RAS here I agree with you: Yes people rarely check the information you transmit to them and lack of discernment, so too it saddens me, and I do not hesitate to know the persons concerned when it happens ( e.g., recent).

Chapter 4: spam, black hat, negative SEO & Co

Here I want to bounce all, and therefore all copy/paste but I will limit myself because I did not want you to attack SEO.

Most black hat users that I know has an oversized ego.

“Most ‘serious? Aim what is already a black hat for you? Oh, you say after-us, OK I just returned after-Inside this box. And do know what you are making? Well, if J"Peux afford two tips:

  • Widen your knowledge network

As for me, the ones I know are like you, like him, like the other there, and as I also, no more cons that other, no less.

  • Review your definition of B lack Hat

And this rotting mentality of Internet annoys me. …] Basically, we think first of themselves and annoys others because “it works." It"s like if I said to steal a car costs less, so I do it because it works …

Ah, that appalled me … By extrapolation, you create an amalgam of more doubtful: black hat = rotten web = individualistic (ready to sell their mother at the show of Agriculture) = outlaw (thieves).

So yes, I implore you, still see your copy on the definition of Black Hat. I"ll help you even though I think the concept of the hat color labeling on SEO doesn"t make sense.

Well, I"ve been around, IRL Nantais anytime. I will come with my Ferrari if I do not sell it.

By being adventurous, I have been able to find my way around the world with my friends,

N.B.: I do not originally intend to be “sharp" in this article. It is this process of re-reading that has led me on this path.

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Get A Web Design Expert To Boost Your Site

If you want to get help about the web design Brownsville has to offer, there are a few different tips you can use to your advantage. Don"t just go out and hire whoever says they are good at this sort of work. Take a moment to go through the tips here and see how it works out for you.

A web designer is someone that has to have the right kind of experience. If you are talking to someone and they indicate that your site will be their first project, you may want to go elsewhere for help. When looking for website help, try to look into people that have links to past work they have done that you can look through. That way, you can know that they are cut out for the job and have the right set of skills to make sure everything with it all goes well.

Websites need to be cost effective. Don"t put your money into one that is going to cost you more than you"re going to make off of it. If this is a personal site, then it should be far cheaper than one that you"re going to use to make sales on. Think about what you want, and then ask a few experienced web designers what they think it should cost to do the site. Eventually, you"ll get the right person for the job because they will be who offers a good price along with a lot of experience.

The web design Brownsville has in store is something that you should get help with. That way, you know that the website is going to work properly and will look stunning. Do your research on who is out there that you can work with and then pick the best services.

Expired Domains: Earning Money In Lazy Mode?

Do you know that an expired domain name can bring you comfortable passive income?

First of all, let me define what I mean by passive income:

It"s about creating online income from automation tools that allow you to create transactions without the need for a real-time presence.


In simpler terms, passive income is obtained by installing tools that generate traffic (visits), which themselves will bring clicks, sales, subscriptions. All without having to intervene directly online the site. I mean, of course, real traffic, real sales.

I, therefore, use a (daily) selection of expired domain names to create a diversified set of income and help with SEO.

An expired domain can:

Be placed on hold (“parked") with automatic content generated by platforms like SEDO, NAMEDRIVE or WHYPARK, simply.

Of course, if the domain has the past (which is the case of expired domains that I find), it is even better since we gain traffic thanks to the links still existing.

Serve at the launch of a new site with a 301 redirect from the old domain.

Be developed in an “automatic" way. The best solution is " auto blog ."

It installs some plugins in a WordPress. We find ourselves with a site that will grow on a regular basis without touching it (the articles are published daily without human intervention), and visitors who click on Amazon, eBay, and other links will bring us commissions. It can also be used as backlinks for SEO purposes.

As you will have understood, I “practice" these three tracks and this brings me back rather nice revenues without having to follow very closely these sites. You don"t have to worry about the SEO rankings of these sites as well.

Do you want to do the same? See the side of NDX: expired domains.

Edit following the pertinent remark of Papilouve: This article was written by Bernard, one of the co-contributors of the iPad 2.

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