Check your link exchanges with Backlink Monitoring

As a webmaster and SEO especially, to promote our sites, we often link exchanges.

These exchanges may be direct, crossed or adopt more advanced patterns.

The problem when you start to manage several sites is that we do not necessarily remember what partnerships have been made, and under what conditions.

It becomes difficult to take stock, and if that is still possible, it is complicated to check everything by hand. It is a long task, really tedious.

How to check your link exchanges?

Completely automatically, there is a PHP script to install on your web server, which allows you to manage all your partnerships.

With this script, you monitor whether your link exchanges are still in place.

For example, if a close site partner, and that the webmaster does not alert you when the script tells you that your connection is not present on the page.

It can automatically (depending on the settings you have chosen) send a message to the webmaster.

Another advantage of this script is the ability to run periodically using a chron job. This allows you to receive an email with the verification report generated by the application. Thus, every day, every week … you will constantly be informed (e) of the viability of your partnership, effortlessly.

The software makes it possible to check your link exchanges automatically and manage, for each partnership, how you want to interact with the webmaster.


  • Verifies that the site is accessible and is not “nofollow."
  • Verifies that the link is on the page and is not “nofollow."
  • Send an email to the webmaster if the link partner is not found (depending on your settings)
  • Backup your reports in the management interface

With backlink monitoring, you can manage all your link exchanges in no time.

Install it on your server and verify all exchanges made from all your sites!

A must-have for any SEO consultant!

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