Do you know that an expired domain name can bring you comfortable passive income?

First of all, let me define what I mean by passive income:

It"s about creating online income from automation tools that allow you to create transactions without the need for a real-time presence.


In simpler terms, passive income is obtained by installing tools that generate traffic (visits), which themselves will bring clicks, sales, subscriptions. All without having to intervene directly online the site. I mean, of course, real traffic, real sales.

I, therefore, use a (daily) selection of expired domain names to create a diversified set of income and help with SEO.

An expired domain can:

Be placed on hold (“parked") with automatic content generated by platforms like SEDO, NAMEDRIVE or WHYPARK, simply.

Of course, if the domain has the past (which is the case of expired domains that I find), it is even better since we gain traffic thanks to the links still existing.

Serve at the launch of a new site with a 301 redirect from the old domain.

Be developed in an “automatic" way. The best solution is " auto blog ."

It installs some plugins in a WordPress. We find ourselves with a site that will grow on a regular basis without touching it (the articles are published daily without human intervention), and visitors who click on Amazon, eBay, and other links will bring us commissions. It can also be used as backlinks for SEO purposes.

As you will have understood, I “practice" these three tracks and this brings me back rather nice revenues without having to follow very closely these sites. You don"t have to worry about the SEO rankings of these sites as well.

Do you want to do the same? See the side of NDX: expired domains.

Edit following the pertinent remark of Papilouve: This article was written by Bernard, one of the co-contributors of the iPad 2.

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